Ringworm is an affection which is generally diagnosed by doctors and treated with synthetic products. Ringworm can heal by itself but it is best to follow a treatment to make sure the disease will not spread or come back after some time.

Ringworm is a disease caused by fungus and can be treated with antifungal medications prescribed by doctors. Many people are afraid of going to the doctor for a treatment if they have scalp ringworm as they believe that scalp shaving is a part of the treatment. But this is not true, patient do not need remove the hair because the antifungal medication is efficient even without hair removal. Usually, the doctor will prescribe shampoos containing selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione, which will be used 2-3 times every week. To ensure the healing the shampoos is usually associated with oral medication. It can prevent the shedding of the spores this way reducing their number. In case of a severe inflammatory type of scalp ringworm oral steroids can be prescribed.

Since 1958 griseofulvin (Fulvicin, Grisactin) has been prescribed by many doctors as it is the safest for the patient. These medication usually last for 6 to 8 weeks and the patient has to take this medication daily. After 8 weeks a culture exam will be done to know whether the fungi are still present or not. Though its rare, some may experience side effects like gastro intestinal problems or headaches.

When the patient is not responsive to griseofulvin, there are other medications are available. These are Terbinafine(Lamisil), Itraconazole(Sporanox) and Fluconazole(Diflucan). But if the patient has severe inflammatory scalp ringworm, prednisone will be prescribe for at least 10 days and one of the previous treatments must be added.

In order to cure the infection completely the hair needs to grow out. But because this process is very slow, a continuous treatment from  weeks to months is needed. Although shampoos can be used, they should not be considered as a substitute for oral treatment. To monitor the improvements and to see whether side effects are present or not, the patient should visit the doctor from time to time.

Ringworm is a highly communicable disease and in order to prevent contamination from one to another person, one should use their own towels, combs, etc. Animals are also source of fungi or infection, they must also be taken to a regular check up, so if they have the disease they must be treated immediately. 

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