Ringworm of the groin is the disease caused by a fungus. The infection appears as a patch in the shape of a circle and it itches. This itch is responsible for another name of this disease- Jock Itch. Here are some treatments for ringworm of the groin.

Confirmation of the disease – Ringworm of the groin

Self-medication without proper diagnosis can be a danger. Most of the skin disease causes itching and itching should not be taken as a symptom that you may be suffering from ringworm of the groin. Itchiness may be cause by other disease like psoriasis or dermatitis. From the moment you suffer an unusual itchiness, consult a doctor and get the diagnosis done. When you are already sure that it is ringworm, then you can work on treatment.

Treatment – Ringworm of the groin

Application of anti fungal medications is the first line of treatment, may be in the form of powders or creams. If it doesn’t work within two weeks, your doctor may prescribe anti fungal tablets to be taken orally. Always keep the groin area clean and dry. Avoid scratching yourself and then touching other body parts after that because the ringworm may spread. Wearing cotton and loose clothes will help your skin to breathe, let them get a lot of air. 

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