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Spintires is a game where you can work on the truck. Big trucks and heavy and difficult to maneuver designed to carry large payloads across the muddy forest areas that are difficult to access. This is a very interesting game, if you have the patience to this mechanicalmengendalikannyaraksasa.

Trucks, using 30 liters of fuel per minute

Interest Spintires usually simple: the movement of goods from one tree to another. Where is the problem? Well, the track is filled with mud, river, vegetasidan ¬ęstreet” covered with mud. Throw trucks are very large, heavy,and it is difficult, and you get something that makes your patience to the test.

However, these trucks require the management is very close to the real truck, which belongs Spintiressalah best simulator I’ve ever tasted in a long time. You have to drive very carefully toavoid congestion, using the four-wheel drive and differential lock correctly. Over time, use a cable with davedatstsayak membutuhkannyaAnda can attach a cable to a tree to help you get rid of the foul line, which you can find a hunchback.

If everything is too heavy, you can alwayscan replace the car and keep stuck in the mud (you should melakukannyaitu many times). You may even end up sticking two trucks are glued together and use a third truck to pull it. This is very interesting, especially if it takes more than pavgadinyuthe second truck.

You should also mengendalikannyakerusakan vehicle and the amount of gas you use. Some of these monsters use up to 30 liters per minute! If you run, you know what to do: you call the fuel truck, of course.

Spintires has five different areas,to play almost samatingkat complexity, but very different. Although you have a map for consultation, in fact, is not very helpful to see how gulniskhavats part of the field, so I do not know where to go. It is important to explore and see what’s there.

He also supports the typesAndaBerbagai trucks available, you can set the current gain experience points with accessories such as trailers, crane, increased payload and fuel tanks.


As the truck in the game, control of rough and tough. You will need a little time to get used toto use the keyboard and mouse for kiravannyavso. Tosepack, allowing for faster, change direction and use the crane, at the same time.

The hardest part itupada accustomed to the odd camera (which can be moved with the mouse).

Very realistic from the point of view of physics

onearea where Spintires surprised everyone with this schedule. You have a very realistic driving trucks, swinging and swaying with a reliable way, which sometimes makes you forget that you’re playing a video game. The same applies daefekty, such as smoke and dirt movement (heavy and sticky).

physicsit is real and must be taken into account at any time. For example, the weight of the truck in the mud bebanBisa drown if you stop for too long. When faced with the trees and branches, they behave as they are in real life. In general, Spintires very real game.

Be prepared forlong period

Spintires lot of the most original, but very well done at the technical level. gulnyaGeta low as possible after the menu interface and control, and then again, in the same truck that you use. Nevertheless, Spintires generally very good, but youWe need patience and sarafbaja

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