Jock itch is one of the types of ringworm infection commonly found in men. This infection occurs due to the extra tight pants worn by men and the excessive sweating of the area, which doesn’t dry up quickly. There are numerous cures for this and other types of ringworm infection.

Ringworm Treatment – Over-The-Counter Drugs

The ringworm infection can be cured by numerous topical and oral drugs. The oral drugs should be taken with doctors’ prescription. The oral drug is harmful to the kidney and liver, if taken regularly for more than six months. The doctor will fix the dose of the oral drug. Other than the oral pills one can apply topical creams in the infected area. The topical creams are available as over-the-counter drugs. No prescription is needed to buy the over-the-counter tropical drugs from stores. Many topical creams are available in the market. Before applying topical treatment, one needs to clean the area with warm water and dry it properly.

Jock Itch Treatment – Home Remedies

Though the jock itch treatment is done through drugs, there are some changes in the routine that are required to prevent it from recurring. The person suffering from jock itch must completely leave the habit of wearing the tight clothes, jeans and trousers. The infected area must be allowed to breath. This cuts down the favorable condition for the growth of the fungus in the area. Keeping the area dry and clean is mandatory to prevent the recurring of the disease. Yogurt and kerif should be included in the daily diet as these increase the good bacteria in the body and they fight the fungus in the body. Other than that, a paste of mustard seed applied in the area is also found to prevent the growth of the ringworm infection. 

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