Any type of communicable disease is dangerous when not given enough attention and proper treatment. We often neglect the illness when we feel or see nothing that harm us until it becomes worse. But it must be ended before it spread to others. We cannot prevent it from spreading but we can avoid it before it could evolve as dermatophyte.

There are simple ways that we could do to stop it from the start of infection without giving it a chance to grow. It is better than treating the disease, it saves you from more suffering it can bring to you. A healthy body connects in having a healthy mind. The disease may limit you in enjoying and doing the simple things that you usually do. As if you are always have boundaries that is being set to you to protect yourself as well as others, it stops you from being normal.

To escape from the situation, here are the following steps that you can do to help yourself stay away from the disease:

1. Stay away from infected person -you catch skin disease from any form of contact. The person who is suffering from the disease is the direct source of the infection. This disorder is not transmitted through the air so you are safe when you are just engaging a small talk to other people to which you are unaware if they are infected or not. This is the safest gesture that you can do to avoid offending or hurting them. Dermatophytes can enter into an open wound, scars or abrasions and damage your skin, producing another sore or a wound that gradually widens with an intense itching.

2. Wash your hands – this is a typical act in eliminating different microorganisms especially after using the comfort room, which is considered as the most contaminated area that we are not aware of. Although it looks clean but the unseen microorganisms that are living on it are millions that is capable in giving you different kinds of diseases. Comfort room is always wet and dirty which is perfect for the development of any bacteria or fungi. Using antibacterial soap when washing your hands, will remove the growth of any microorganisms that might be the source of the infection.

3. Clean your house – Have a daily cleaning in your house because dirt is the one main source of germs that causes infections. Ue a disinfectant to kill those parasites that might be crawling in any parts of the house especially the comfort room and bathroom. Check the kitchen cause there might be spoiled foods that can attract those pests and insects while it is in a stage of decomposition, which is the time that the parasites will soon to grow.

4. Use own things – the ringworm grows in any part of the body. Everything that have a contact with the infected person must be avoided like hairbrush, towels, clothes, hats, socks, etc., to avoid the spread of the disease. Use your own things to secure your safety.

5. Hygiene – take a bath everyday to fully cleanse your body and remove all those dirt. A clean body prevent the growth of any infection causing fungus.