Have you ever had athlete’s foot before? One of the ways to get ringworm infection is when athlete’s foot spreads to the groin area. This disease is contagious so it can easily be spread by someone’s hand. That’s why it’s best not to share towels with people because this fungus loves hot moist environments. Other ways to prevent this bacteria would be to wear shoes in public toilet, avoid sharing combs and to wash hands after petting stray animals.

But some bacteria can be helpful in the body. Yes, believe it or not. For example, in your digestive system bacteria can help break down food so that someone can extract energy from it.Someone can get this infection when a type of fungus called tinea lives on someone’s skin. Some symptoms of this fungus include red patches with normal looking skin in the center and ring-shaped. These patches may also be itchy, blister and sometimes raised. If this fungus touches someone hair they can have bald patches and if it makes contact with a nail it can become discolored.

The best way to eliminate ringworm infection is to eliminate the top layer of the infected skin called the epidermis. There is a kit called a microdermabrasion that can be purchased at a drugstore and can remove the infection. Antifungal sprays can also be used and if the condition is serious, then laser surgery might be necessary.

There is also a natural solution for ringworm, it is called grape seed extract. These extract can improve a ringworm infection due to some of its powerful ingredients. Grape extract is mostly created from unused grapes in the manufacturing of wine. It can fight ringworm is because of its resveratrol and high antioxidant levels. The benefits of this substance are fairly extensive. These can kill fungus, improve the skin appearance ans make collagen firm.

Someone can get grape seed extract through a supplement. There is one product that we really like, because it’s a multi-vitamin which means that it does have grape seed extract along with many other nutrients. Also the quality is fairly high, it uses enteric coating which helps to ensure that the nutrients will not get wiped out by stomach acid and helps them to reach there desired destination. They also use pharmaceutical GMP compliance which is a very high quality manufacturing standard. 

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