Ringworm is a fungus infection that affects the skin, scalp, nails and feet, and is also known as tinea. Ringworm patches are basically oval or round with scaly red rings with clean space in the center. Sometimes it’s itchy, which may lead to  scratching that help in infecting the nails and other parts of the body. The infection can be passed from one individual to the other by direct skin contact. It can also be passed by having contact with contaminated clothes, towels, combs, shower or pool surfaces. Minor injuries of the skin, scalp and nails prolonged wetness that may also cause ringworm.

Ringworm Home Remedies

Home remedies for ringworm are simple to follow and safe to use. Here are some of the common home remedies for ringworm:

1. Papaya is one of the most effective and efficient home remedies for ringworm. All you need to do is take a raw papaya, cut it into slices and rub it to the infected area. Even papaya seeds can be use to treat ringworm. Let the papaya seeds dry, make them into a paste and apply directly to the infected area.

2. Another effective home remedies for ringworm is aloe vera. Apply aloe vera extract on the infected area.

3. The leaves of cassia tree also help in treating ringworm. Make leaves into a paste and apply it on the patches. It helps in treating the irritation of the skin and give very good results.

4. Mudpack is another easy to use and helpful home remedy for ringworm. Apply mudpack over the patches for half an hour twice daily to get better results.

5. Lavender is also use as an effective home remedy for ringworm. This flower helps in reducing itching and irritation. It is consider as a powerful soothing agent that also heals the infection.

6. Using tea tree oil for treating ringworm is also helpful, because it is known to have anti-fungal property. Just apply the tea tree oil directly on the infected area three times a day for one week.

7. Drinking mixture of 300ml carrot juice and 200ml spinach juice is very beneficial in treatment of ringworm.

8. Turmeric is very effective remedy for ringworm. Apply the juice of raw turmeric on the patches and consume 1 tsp. of turmeric juice mixed with 1 tsp. of honey orally.

9. Make a paste from grind seeds of butea and small amount of lime juice. Apply the paste on the infected area to treat ringworm.

10. Applying coconut oil directly on the ringworm patches can prevent itching and make the skin soft.

11. For scalp ringworm, rub the castor oil on the affected area. Castor oil is a very valuable treatment for scalp ringworm.

12. The mixture of neem oil and honey is also effective in treating ringworm. Take a cup of aloe vera and mix a teaspoon of neem oil. Apply the mixture twice a day on the ringworm patches.

These home remedies for ringworm were some of the most common, effective and are safe to use.