Ringworm on people is a contagious disease and it cannot be avoided to spread anywhere on the body. Ringworm is a type of infection on the skin, and most likely there are other infection associated with it. It happens when the disease is not being treated, immediately. If the infection is being ignored, the bacteria will flourish that worsen the condition. The infected area is highly sensitive to microorganisms and can easily irritated by any foreign substance that aggravates the situation. This will create conflicts on the existing symptoms, that the infected person experience. These symptoms could lead to another disorder, this is the complication of the disease you currently have. Complication is another disease that come out from the disease that you already have. It will arise when the diseases are not treated and managed properly from the start of symptoms.

Ringworm is the most common skin infection that is present in most people especially in a summer season, because people will be more likely to sweat. Sweat easily traps anything that could stick to it even the microorganisms. Mostly, microorganisms are harmful to humans because it brings diseases and infections and the worse part is the complications that these diseases and infections can bring. Here are some common complications that you might encounter if you have ringworm:

– Spread of ringworm to other parts of the body – since ringworm is a contagious disease, it spreads out to other parts of the body near the infected area. For instance, if the ringworm is on your toenails, it may transfer to your feet and spread into your hand that constantly touches the feet especially when you scratch it and when cleaning your body. From hands, it can transfer on any parts of the body that the hand could touch, the spread will go on and on.

– Other skin infections caused by bacteria – the fungal infection could trigger another infection in people who are already infected with ringworm. Beware if you already have an infection, because you are an easy target to several infections caused by bacteria. It is easily irritated and reactant to any microorganisms.

– Contact dermatitis – this type of diseases is similar to ringworm. It can also be transfer from skin to skin contact. Its symptoms are similar to ringworm that has itchiness on the affected skin associated with redness and swelling.

– Drug side effects – Most drugs that are being sold have corresponding side effects, which is stated at the back of the pack. It is a chemical compounds, that’s why some people have body reactions towards it, but reactions may vary from one person to another. Though medicines are used from the treatment of diseases, sometimes its ingredients could also do some harm. Sometimes, side effects add damage to people that have ringworm. 

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